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Shaping change as a transformation coach & management consultant 

Hello, I'm Antoni.
The best investment is the one in yourself and your team. 

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More about myself and my transformation projects

After several years as a consultant, project lead and manager in two renowned management consultancies in Dusseldorf and London I started to offer my skills in the areas of Coaching and consulting  under my own flag. I do so working directly with clients and though partner organizations. On site, digitally and through hybrid work. 
Dabei arbeite ich sowohl direkt als auch über Kooperationspartner mit meinen Kunden zusammen. Vor Ort, digital oder hybrid.

I stick to the theme „Don't manage people, manage work" on a daily basis by working with people on eye-level and by managing work with good eye. 

For more Information about my references take a look at the Case-Study page or get in touch with me directly.

3A Business & Coaching background

My professional background consists mainly of two pillars.


A business oriented pillar 

  • Diplom Kaufmann degree with focus on strategy and business development, University of Cologne

  • CEMS Master in International Management & Business Communication; University of Cologne & Smurfit College Dublin

  • Kanban Practitioner, Kanban University

A coaching oriented pillar 

  • Systemic Coach and Change-Manager, Ineko Institut University of Cologne

  • EmTrace® Master Coach, Baum Academy Cologne

  • Creator of the Training program EFFECTIVE COACHING for companies

Coaching in transformation projects for companies

Once the inner and interpersonal problems, conflicts and challenges have been solved, the work atmosphere improves. That leads to more drive within a team, more focus on the essentials and more collaboration. And it leads to less distraction and ego-trips. 
Clever minds who work and collaborate together and inspire customers will inevitably transform their businesses through small, continuous feedback cycles.

To support such feedback cycles in transformations, I highly value methodical competence, a focus on the key topics and a dose of calmness that I have acquired from my own ups and downs from various projects. 3A stands for the three most important cornerstones of my approach to change projects:


3A-Coaching steps in English Ask, Approach, Apply

Here you can find further information about how ASK, APPROACH and APPLY can look like in a coaching process. 


As a transformation coach and consultant...

  1. I support people in their professional and personal development.

  2. I solve problems and move change and coaching projects forward in companies. 

  3. I develop something new in my own approach every couple of years.


So much about myself.
What are your topics?

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Transformation coaching and consulting.
Q&A for me as coach & consultant.

What motivated you to offer coaching & consulting under one roof?

My motivation was to offer my clients the biggest possible value-add. 
I can do that best and it's most fun for me to work for my own organization and in my own pace. 
This advantages by far outweights the additional work in sales and administration. 

What characterizes a great coaching education?

In my view a great coaching education can be recognized from three elements: 

The person running the training can perform a coaching so well that I as a participant feel encouraged to be coached by that person.

  1. The person running the training can perform a coaching so well that I as a participant feel encouraged to be coached by that person.
  2. The person running the training is great at passing on knowledge and tools and enjoys the process
  3. The price of the program is decently balanced considering argument 1 and argument 2 above.

    If all three arguments apply then the coaching program seems to be a great additional qualification. Not only for people who offering coaching professionally. 
How are you as a one-man show able to coach teams and leaders from DAX companies?

This question has two elements:

  1. How do you get a foot in the door of large and renown companies?
  2. How to coach people with a lot of responsibility and busy schedules?

About 1: Patience, persistence and awesome partners with their own networks. Avoiding any unrealistic promises.  

About 2: Exchanging expectations, active listening and providing value-add by addressing the key problems and focussing on solutions. Avoiding any type of bullshit bingo.

By the way: Information about my own projects can be found  here.

Are there situations where positive change doesn't work?

There are certainly situations in which things have taken a wrong turn or where the risk is hight that wrong turns are about to be taken. 
These situations typically have in common that there are (too) many areas in the organization where people work against each other. Reasons for this can be interpersonal conflicts, diverging interests or a team structure that doesn't fit. 
In such situations it's important to clearly point out what needs to change (internally) before starting any major change project. 

What is transformation coaching?

For me a transformation coaching is primarily the use of coaching in transformation projects in organizations.
Transformation projects are change projects that take place in companies all the time. A couple of example for transformation projects can be found on the Case-Studies page.  

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