I support leaders and teams in their professional decision making processes.

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I offer you a collaboration based on a competent & multifaceted way of working. A collaboration that moves you forward in your professional decision making & personal development. At best, much further than you imagine...

  • Claim: Excellent leadership & teams for more results, contentment and motivation.
  • Goal: Support leaders & teams in their personal development.
  • Method: One-on-one Coachings & Team-Workshops.

If you want to have a personal Get-to-Know Call about your current sitatuation, just send me an e-mail.

More about the Claim

Many of us either think too high or too low of themselves – both views hinder people from making use of their full potential and their full power for professional decision making. Our decision making is influenced by several factors known as cognitive biases – this often times leads to a situation in which for example some decision makers have to deal with over self-confidence and others have to deal with fear of loses. With the right support both groups can improve their professional decision making.

Knowing that these cognitive biases exist is by far not enough to master professional decision making. As a person in a leadership position, it's crucial to understand how the individual biases work for oneself and within one’s team. It's about finding ways to deal with them. Forget the idea of fighting cognitive biases. Instead, make these biases your ally by actively working with them for your personal development and growth. This way you can significantly improve your professional decision making skills and the decision making of your team.

Professional decison making on a large scale is what ultimately determines the success of an organization. If everyone is able to increase his or her professional decision making skills, this increases the functionality, the effectiveness, the performance and the innovation potential of the entire organization.
Corporations can achieve a higher company value through better decison making of their leadership teams.
You personally can make the most of your opportunities and live the concept of continious learning and personal development.

More about the Goal

As part of our normal development, every person is by default beaufituflly equipped with a well-functioning decision making capability. Therefore no need has been identified yet to teach professional decision making principles on a broad scale in schools or in higher education.
The situation can get ugly when an ignorance for psychological biases meets a critical, high impact decision. In organizations such decisions take place on a daily basis. Reflecting upon ones own (un)professional decison making is not often the case, especially compared to blaming and justifications. This is also due to the fact that the ability to reflect upon decisions is not seen as a desireable skill. In many organizations it's still all about the image of the infallible decision maker.

I am convinced that better decision making principles offer a valuable key to solutions for many problems – for every leader, every team and for every level of the hierarchy.
Furthermore, working on one’s own decision principles is an important step in the process of improving ones own professional decision making and for ones own personal development.

More about the Method

"Make everything as simple as possible but not simpler"

(Albert Einstein)

The 3A core services are bundles in modules so that you can always chose between them. Wheather it's on reflecting decisions, making decisions or implementing decsions. The 3A approach is all about Authenticity, Analysis and Applicability. I stick to those three principles in all my modules. You can take a look at each of them in more detail.


About me

I enjoy to work face to face with people and help them get the most out of their potential. Preferably with people in leadership roles that do an excellent job, reflect on their personal and professional decision making and take responsibility.  

Mein theme is: When things are goind great, it's going great. And when things are going bad, it's going even better afterwards. That's not a law of nature, but the result of continuity & Mindset.
I try to live up to this theme in each of my modules - Coaching, Team-Workshops and Consulting projects.

If you feel addressed and would like to know more about my methods either for yourself or for your team, let's get in contact!

Professional decision making

The idea with the 3A

Hey, I'm Antoni – home in the world and at home in Cologne. When it comes to self introduction I like to keep it short and simple. Simple is often authentic and authentic the first A of my slogan.

The second A stands for analytical - after several years on a Consultant & Manager level at two highly successful management consultancies I was able to sharpen this A a lot. As a next step I was interested to experiment if and how well-founded systemic Coaching approaches, tried & tested consulting approaches and interactive training concepts can be put together to develop new tools and methods that intend to boost development. The tools and methods that I use – whether Best Practice or New Practice – are only those that are most applicable to my client's unique environment and situation.

This is grounded in my basic principle that only what is applied by my client offers a value-add – and value-add has to be  the aspiration of each professional service offering.
With this in mind I wish you lots of great decisions ahead!

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My education

  • Master in International Management, CEMS Alliance
  • Diplom Kaufmann, University of Cologne
  • Systemic Coach, Ineko Institute of the University of Cologne


Professional decision making and personal development are not only a topic in Europe and the US. Therefore I'm happy about the collaboration with my indian business partners Dr. Amol and Sanjeev Gupta.

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Professional decision making

Dr. Amol Tajade

Sanjeev Gupta

More about Amol

Amol is an empathetic personality with a university background in psychiatry and many years of experince at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. His quality of understanding people and working with them with an appreciative mindset is a prime reason for him being popular amongst both his patients and Coaching clients.

Amol works extensively in learning and performance enhancement for students and professionals. He excels in the field of public speaking. Among his interests are music, travelling, and business.

More about Sanjeev

Sanjeev is heading the Esteem Programme in India, which helps people become better in professional decison making through personal development and professional excellence.
His background is a degree in Engineering from Dhelo College of Engineering and more than 25 years of work experience in the Management of MNCs doing business in India.

Ways of Working together

Professional decision making
  • Direct working relationship
  • Viable as a company (B2B) or private (B2C) expense
Professional decision making
  • The contract is issued by a central department (e.g. HR)
  • Only viable for business clients

My answers to popular questions


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