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Problem-solving: What is it about?

Without naming specific companies, I have noticed during many consulting projects with clients that a not inconsiderable number of managers have a lack of emotional intelligence. This was frightening for me, especially at the beginning, but later it became “business as usual”. And yet such a constellation in the team is not a status quo that needs to be preserved, but an important starting point for change in the company.

Emotional intelligence is – alongside a sound understanding of the business – the main criterion that explains a leader’s ability to effectively address and solve problems.

In my live webinar I show you how emotional intelligence helps to address and solve problems effectively. From analysing the core problem to deciding on a solution and implementing it.

I distinguish between two zones that we all experience on an individual level and on a team level every day:

– an effective zone

– an ineffective zone

In the live webinar I will show you how the two zones differ from each other, how you can recognise which zone you or your team is currently in and how you can best get out of the ineffective zone and back into the effective zone.

Problem-solving with Effect

Additional benefit of the live webinar 

It is perfectly normal and human to drift into the ineffective zone from time to time. Those who claim to be effective 100% of the day are either lying to themselves or have an unhealthily high degree of self-discipline, which usually cannot be maintained over long periods of time.

At the same time, it makes a huge difference to your own success over a long period of time whether you manage to be effective 90% of your working time or only 70%. The same principle applies to team leadership, where the effects are even greater the more responsibility you have for your staff.

With the appropriate methods and strategies for self-leadership and team leadership you can achieve an effectiveness boost for yourself and your team.
With this effectiveness boost you are able to free up space for yourself and your team that you can then fill with:

  1. more spare time and an improved Work-Life-Balance
  2. more time for strategic topics
  3. more time for leftover topics

Why I host this live webinar

I use this live webinar to present my way of working and my offer in the field of coaching and training. On the other hand, I use it to contribute to imparting more “people skills” such as emotional intelligence for leaders to effectively solve problems.

How to sign up 

To participate in my live webinar you need about an hour of your time and a stable internet connection. You can find all dates and the possibility to register via this link. I look forward to meeting you there!

By the way, the next article is about a useful leadership tool when it comes to working in teams – Q-Storming.

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