March 11

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"Feel free to share, obliged to quote,
and appreciated for both!"

Dear Reader, shortly I will start to release a new article at least twice a month around the topics of Decision Making & personal development. You are very welcome to start a discussion and share your view. Before I release the first pieces of content, I'd like to clarify a couple of important principles for every Reader.

  • Take it easy
  • When it's about facts, I have put them together in all conscience nothing more, nothing less. Should I be wrong with a fact, please just correct me if you can.
  • When it's about opinion, it's only an opinion. An exchange is welcome and can also be controversial; freaking out in comments is avoidable. Therefore please do your best to avoid it.
  • I've usually attached each article to a category – if you have a comment, an idea or a wish about additional categories or specific topics, just send me a message. Whether I put it into action is a different question, but I will read it for sure.
  • My standard for an article is always the same, regardless if three folks or three million read it.

With this in mind enjoy reading and best regards,

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​By the way: If you want to reach out to the author, feel free to send me an e-mail to: 


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