Discover how to increase your decision making skills in 3 Steps!

In this free Live-Webinar you will get to know three steps how to increase your decision making skills through Sync.

60 Minutes
with Q&A




You get to know three steps how to increase your decision making skills.

You can try out the new insights in your desired speed - both in business and private contexts.

You can apply these steps whether you lead a team of 3 or 300 people.

Despite being as old as humanity itself,
Decision making skills are a  
key skill of the 21st century

Two main reasons to learn how to increase you decision making skills

  1. 1
    A nearly endless opportunity of alternatives to decide about
  2. 2
    A growing co-existence of algorithm and human based decision makers

About the Webinar-Host

Antoni works as a Coach and Trainer for decision makers and teams. He focuses on personal development and team development. His previous roles at two Management Consultancies have led him to well-know clients in Germany and abroad. From mid-size to large corporations and in various industries.

  • Long-standing Management Consultant with practical-experience
  • Trained Coach with clients on several continents
  • Specialized in Decision Making processes 
  • Previous collaboration with > 50 Decision Makers on all levels 
  • Appreciative Attitude in line with the 3A: Authentic, Analytical, Applicable

Antoni's one-on-one Coachings have been visited by people...

  • from several European countries in Europe and abroad
  • without management responsibility and with management responsibility for over 1.000 employees
  • from solo entrepreneurs in Start-up mode to employees of large companies (3M, McKinsey, P&G...)

Client quotes

The quotes have partially been translated into English and have been taken from Coaching clients and Webinar visitors.

Clarity, structure and variety of methods have impressed me the most from Antoni's Coachings. I have found some exciting new ways for my professional and personal development!

Member of the Board,

Antoni is wide-awake all the time and fully with the Coachee. Thanks to his fast comprehension and use of tools he helped me to obtain clarity ahead of an important decision. 

Head of Personnel Development,

I especially liked how Antoni has applied his Coaching techniques to my individual needs. He has offered me many different tools and  ideas to work on my current challenges. I was able to exlore and make use of those tools that worked best for me. 

Associate Consultant,

Antoni is very pleasant and has a likeable voice. Even when I had to fight with my tears I felt comfortable in the Coaching and am now happy that I can see my next steps more clearly. I was able to see what is most important to me at the moment and which things to prioritize. That was awesome, thank you a lot.

Packaging engineer,
from beautiful Bavaria

Small idea sharing next to the neutral question was especially helpful for me. The Coaching session was very good :)

Product Designer,

from my home city Cologne

It was crisp, to the point, effective and results oriented. You mixed both emotions and rationality in a wonderful way.

Leadership international,

Being myself was the best part I enjoyed in the session.

Leadership international,

The Webinar is 100% free and secure.

how to increase your decision making skills

If you want to get to know more about how to increase your decision making skills,  make sure to use the Q&A session in the last quarter of the Webinar. Here you will be able to:

  • Ask your questions about the topic of how to increase your decision making skills.
  • Get in touch with me and with the other Webinar participants.
  • Get more information about my services around Team Workshops and one-on-one Coachings.

I am looking forward to your participation in one of the Webinar slots.
Best regards,


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