The Art & Science of Decision Making


Typical situations & questions

As a person in a leadership position you are in decision mode on a daily basis – whether its personnel decisions, supplier negotiations, customer meetings or the agenda for the next team meeting – there is always some decision to make. 

This brings up the question how good ones own decisions actually are? And how exactly can good and bad be separated here? At which point in time can a decision be evaluated?
Our training module helps you to find answers to these questions. The journey starts with your goals... 


One's own goal setting

You most likely intend to make the best decisions based on your goals. Before you delve deeper into the topic of decision making you should be clear about your own goals. If you know where you and your team want to go, this acts as a boost for your decision making. From this position the 3A approach is most effective for you...


3A Approach

Agenda Decision Training

We are looking forward to discussing with you how you can best benefit from our decision training...