Decision Making in Teams


Typical situations & questions

As a person in a leadership position you might ask yourself which decisions to make. Which topics can be delegated to the team and for which topics does the team expect a finalized decision from me? Which degrees of delegation exist? And what type of decisions that I usually make myself might be made much better in a group with the right people at the table?
Our Workshop Decision Making in Teams delivers answers to exactly these questions. We provide you with a set of decision methods and - tools and let you and your team experience the effects in real decision scenarios. This way you can transfer those methods into your day-to-day work that best fit your Business and your Team...


One's own goal setting

You most likely intend to make the best decisions based on your goals. Before you delve deeper into the topic of decision making in teams you should be clear about your own goals. If you know where you and your team want to go, this acts as a boost for your decision making. From this position the 3A approach is most effective for you...


3A Approach

3A decision workshop

We are looking forward to discussing with you how you can best benefit from our decision workshop in teams...