For whom it's worth?

The triad for development and change:
Great Leadership – Great Team – Great Organisation

Development and change

Professional support for your development and change projects. Worth it for organisations that are undergoing a major change process or are about to enter into one.

Organisational development and change can be complex. My focus is on the human side of change processes to succesfully undergo this complex process.

I'm looking forward to discussing your requirements with you!

The 3A Consulting Approach

Solving problems arond development and change with a Coaching Mindset + consulting skills

  • Consulting in major transformation projects
  • Mix of innovative & old school methodology 
  • Multi year consulting experience globally
  • Experience from working in various industries
  • Clear understanding of the value-add & limitations of Consulting processes

By considering all circles the consulting results can be multiplied


Consulting + Training & Workshops

Consulting + Training & Workshops + Coaching

Professional Consulting offers organisations access expertise from outside. My consulting focus is on supporting leaders and teams during transformation projects. My core topics are decison making processes, development and change. Apart from that I have significant experience in negotations and strategic procurement. You can request my consulting services through CoMatch or get in touch with me directly.

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1. Consulting in development and change processes as part of major transformations

(Too) often development and change projects fail or are completed without much change happening. Often this is not due to a poor business case or the underlying economics, but rather caused by human change resistance. By combining Consulting with one-on-one Coachings and Team Workshops there is a way to successfuly undergo every major development and change project.


2. Consulting in decision situations in major transformations 

Development and change projects are after all a circle of decision making and implementation. Based on data and facts I am able to illustrate the strenghts and weaknesses within a decision making process. From failed past development and change projects we can learn key lessions for future change initiatives. 

3. Other support in transformations

Beside my core topics I am happy to support transformation projects with my competenes in negotations and strategic procurement.

I'm looking forward to discussing your expecations with you!

Get in touch if you like to know more about each of my consulting refrences. Here is an overview of the inustries I've worked for so far:

  • Food retailing
  • Food producers
  • Restaurant chains
  • Consumer goods manufacturers
  • Chemical industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Fashion
  • Print and Online Publishers
We always make a decison, the question is which type?
Development and change through decisions


Organisationsentwicklung Kontakt

+49 163 8711750

Antoni Aguado


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