Professional Consulting with a Coaching Mindset 

By combining Coaching elements and consulting impulses, change processes in organisations can be implemented remarkably smoothly.  

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What's it about?

To support organisations with an external & neutral perspective to successfuly run major change projects.


Create a common understanding of the Status Quo.


Create a clear vision and decude specific goals from it.


Address the issues, make decisions, implement.

Full transparency without Mikro Management

A MindChange project at a large retailer

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Restaurant chains




Consumer goods



When does it work?


Clarification of requirements

What's the current situation like and what's the good reason for the project? Why today and not yesterday? The more clearbackground & expectations are for each project participant, the better it is.



Larger projects are for Teams - therefore it's all about how the individual skills of each team member add up as a whole. an open assessment and a true sense of responsibility are the keys to success.



Employees are often times "tired of change" as one change project follows the next one. Consistency helps teams to be able to adapt to new circumstances in a fast way. And fast adaptation is crucial in change proccesses. 

You can request my consulting services through CoMatch or  by contacting me directly.

Entscheidungen treffen

If there is a major change process ahead in your organisation or if you need support in an ongoing change process, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards from Cologne,



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Are the 3A services also available online?

A professional Coaching, a Team-Workshop or a Consulting service can usually be performed online and on-site. 3A also offers mixed modules based on digital and on-site elements. I also offer a Coaching version outside on a mountain hike. Let me know your preferences!

Are there any "Get to Know Offers" for the different service offerings?

I'm happy to offer you the opportunity for a one hour professional Coaching. Afterwards you can decide for yourself if you'd like to enter into a Coaching process. In addition I offer two different Webinars on Decision Making & leadership tools and on my Coaching methodology.  If you are a corporate client looking for Workshops or Consulting services, let's discuss your requirements on a case by case basis.

Which tools do you use and from which locations do you work?

For Online sessions (e.g. an individual Coaching) I usually use Zoom.
For all Face2Face activities you can chose between three different locations:

At your office (Coaching, Workshops, Consulting)

In an external location (Coaching, Workshops, Consulting)

In the Mountains (Coaching & Workshops only)

What does 3A stand for?

3A stands for Authentic, Analytical and Applicable. I'm always keen on your feedback in how far you have felt these aspects when working together.

What are the future plans for 3A in a nutshell?

I'd like to keep supporting organisations & people with whom I enjoy working with. I work both for pleasure and for profit. I also make sure to give away 1,11% of my annual revenue each year for something other than pleasure or profit reasons.

How do the payment terms look like?

I always ask my clients to let me know there preferred payment terms. Otherwise 14 days net after invoice receipt are my standard terms.

In which languages can a 3A service be booked?

At the momemt I carry out all my Coachings, Workshops and Consulting in either German or English. Once a new languages will be added, I will communicate this on my website