With a Leadership Coaching you give yourself a present.

A Leadership Coaching is the right investment for you if you work in a leadership role, are eager to grow personally and we connect well with each other.

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What's it about?

Personal Development

A Leadeship Coaching always deals with your personal development. That's exactly where you find your biggest weaknesses. This requires a basic level of openness from both sides. 

Exchange on eye-level

The Coaching process thrives from an open exchange on eye-level. Regardless of your specific leadership position or the industry you are working in. 

100% Confidentiality

My Coachings are always 100% confidential. Regarless of who is paying the bill for the Coaching process.

How does it work?

A Leadership Coaching always takes place in a one-to-one setup with you. You are free to chose between three types of deliveries. 

I. Online

Suitable for all kinds of projects. 

All you need is a stable internet connection and a camera. The most flexible way of conducting a Coaching.

II. Office

As part of larger projects and for special requirements it's also possible to conduct the Coaching in the office.

III. Mountains

As a third option and for larger projects or special occasions I offer an Outdoor Coaching which requires a basic level of fitness. 

When does it work?

When the chemistry is right.

When self-reflection meets precious feedback. 

When insights are turned into reality. 

Personal impressions

Who has tested it?

"What I admire in Antoni as a Coach is the combination of his analytical strength and his high level of empahty. This made it very easy for me to trust him with my core topics.."

Claudia - Psychologist

Referenz 3A Coaching

"Antoni has been fully present from the first second on. Thanks to his fast understanding, his skillful use of methods and a solid structure he has helped me reach clarity in an important decision situation."

Sarah - Head of HR Development

Entscheidungen treffen

„Antoni is the most efficient and accurate Coach I've ever experienced. He has identified the core topic of my concern within a short amount of time and has put a mirror in front of me. A great way for me to work on my development."

Oliver - Managing Director

3A Coaching for better decision making and personal development

Entscheidungen treffen

If you are looking for a Coach for yourself or someone from your Team and my Coaching approach resonates with you, let's have a chat.

Best regards from Cologne, Germany 



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Are the 3A services also available online?

A professional Coaching, a Team-Workshop or a Consulting service can usually be performed online and on-site. 3A also offers mixed modules based on digital and on-site elements. I also offer a Coaching version outside on a mountain hike. Let me know your preferences!

Are there any "Get to Know Offers" for the different service offerings?

I'm happy to offer you the opportunity for a one hour professional Coaching. Afterwards you can decide for yourself if you'd like to enter into a Coaching process. In addition I offer two different Webinars on Decision Making & leadership tools and on my Coaching methodology.  If you are a corporate client looking for Workshops or Consulting services, let's discuss your requirements on a case by case basis.

Which tools do you use and from which locations do you work?

For Online sessions (e.g. an individual Coaching) I usually use Zoom.
For all Face2Face activities you can chose between three different locations:

At your office (Coaching, Workshops, Consulting)

In an external location (Coaching, Workshops, Consulting)

In the Mountains (Coaching & Workshops only)

What does 3A stand for?

3A stands for Authentic, Analytical and Applicable. I'm always keen on your feedback in how far you have felt these aspects when working together.

In which languages can a 3A service be booked?

At the moment I conduct all my Coachings, Workshops and Consulting projects in German or English. Once more languages will be added, I communicate this through this Website. 

How do the payment terms look like?

I always ask my clients to let me know there preferred payment terms. Otherwise 14 days net after invoice receipt are my standard terms.

In welchen Sprachen werden die 3A Module angeboten?

Aktuell führe ich alle meine Coachings, Trainings/Workshops und Beratungsprojekte in Deutsch und Englisch durch. Sobald weitere Sprachen hinzukommen, kommuniziere ich dies über diese Website.