When is it worth it for you?

I see a leadership Coaching as a present for oneself

A leadership Coaching adresses those people who work in a leadership position or are about to enter one. It's worth it if you want to work on your personal development and if we enjoy working together.
I prefer one great request for a leadership Coaching per week over a dozon average ones. That's because I view Coaching as a creative process that is all about getting the best out of oneself. Whether in one conversation, in 10 meetings or over a period of several years. There are many reasons to chose a Leadership Coaching during your career. The key step is to chose a Coach that fits you. I present you with 3 reasons to want to work with me or to not want to work with me:

  1. 1
    A leadership Coaching with me always focusses on your personal development and that's usually at your biggest weaknesses - a good dose of openess is thus required, otherwise the Coaching spins in circles.
  2. 2
    Leadership Coaching is all about exchange on eye level. For that it's not important if you work as CEO or as a team lead of three.
  3. 3
    My Leadership Coachings are always 100% confidential

If the concept of Coaching is appealing to you and my three reasons to work together are as well, let me know by getting in contact. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

Ich sehe ein professionelles Coaching als ein Geschenk für sich selbst an

Führungskräfte Coaching mit 3A

Mir ist eine tolle Anfrage pro Woche viel lieber als eine mittelmäßige Anfrage pro Tag. Ich sehe das Coaching Modul in erster Linie als kreativen Prozess, in dem es daraum geht das beste aus sich rauszuholen. Ob in einem Gespräch, über 10 Termine oder über mehrere Jahre. Es gibt viele Gründe sich als Führungskraft für ein professionelles Coaching zu entscheiden. Der entscheidende Schritt ist die Auswahl eines für dich passenden Coaches.  Hier sind die drei Gründe mit mir zusammenzuarbeiten und drei dagegen:

  1. 1
    Das Ziel des Coachings ist die persönliche Weiterentwicklung und die setzt meistens dort an wo die größten Schwächen liegen - eine gewisse Grundoffenheit ist daher unabdingbar.
  2. 2
    Das Coaching lebt vom Austausch auf Augenhöhe. Dabei ist es egal, ob du CEO oder Praktikant bist.
  3. 3
    Mein Führungskräfte Coaching ist immer 100% vertraulich.

Wenn dir die Methode Coaching zusagt und dich meine drei Gründe ansprechen statt abzuschrecken, schreib mir gerne eine Nachricht. Ich freue mich von dir zu hören!

The 3A Coaching Approach

Leadership Coaching is my first module. A leadership Coaching always takes place in a one-to-one setting in person. Either on site or online. 

  • Elaboration & processing of your core concerns
  • Short term solution based Coachings with 10 Session max.
  • Long term development Coachings starting from 6 month up
  • Wide & solid method mix with a systemic foundation
  • Clear understanding of the value-add & the limitations of Coaching

More about Leadership Coaching

The word Leadership Coaching is often times used in very different ways and thus means a lot of things. Therefore, it is important to us to clearly describe what we mean when we talk about Coaching or leadership Coaching. Three characteristics are essential to the 3A understanding of Coaching:

  1. 1
    A continuously appreciative inner attitude on eye level
  2. 2
    A methodological support of your self-reflection
  3. 3
    A transfer of insights into applicable steps and specific actions

Once one of these elements is missing the quality of the entire Leadership Coaching suffers. It's my main task that all three elements get their full share of attention during the Leadership Coaching process. Of course all things discussed during any Leadershop Coaching process will be treated 100% confidential

2 types of Coaching are available to you:

I offer you a short-term focusses Leadership Coaching for dealing with your immediate goals & concerns as well as a long term focused Leadership Coaching process for your personal development and growth.

1. Dealing with your current business objectives & concerns

If you are in a leadership role you will most likely be confronted with several topics and challenges. How well do you handle the challenges that you encounter? Do you solve complex issues with a clear head? Do you rather listen to facts or your gut-feeling?
Are there any concerns that you already carry with you for a longer time - a few month or years?

A Leadership Coaching can help you reach more clarity here. It helps you to find ways for yourself to solve your immediate issue and reach your objectives. It also helps you prepare for future challenges. In addition to a Leadership Coaching, it's recommendable to collect open and honest feedback from people who have been involved in your decision making processes.

2. Striving for professional & personal development

In a leadership role it is essential to understand how you think and operate (signature strength, weaknesses, behavior patterns). Are you aware of your behavior patterns within and outside of your comfort zone and under different conditions (when talking to an angry investor or when facing misconduct from someone on your team etc.) ? Do you understand how everybody in your team "ticks"? Do you know which behavior patterns your style evokes in your team members and how you and your team best benefit from the strengths each team members possesses?

If your answer to most of these questions is a Yes, Chapeau! Should you have answered all of them with a clear Yes, you most likely belong to the group of people that everybody would like to have as their team lead. Whether you are already at this point or you found yourself struggling with any of these questions, working on your own development is surely worth the effort in both cases. Also for experts this type of work is highly relevant.

If you are in a leadership role, it is indispensable to deal with your personal development, if you take your role seriously. Because an excellent leader also knows his or her leadership weaknesses - even if they are rarely visible on the level of behavior.

Whether you want to work on this through a leadership Coaching with an external Coach, with feedback from your peers in similar roles, with a mentor or a mix of different sources is entirely your decision.

What matters is that you work on it and - for the sake of your long term development - don't allow any unreflecting opinions. 


+49 163 8711750

Antoni Aguado

Coaching Testimonials

Leadership Coaching

Antoni has been fully present from the first second on. Thanks to his fast understanding, his skillful use of methods and a solid structure he has helped me reach clarity in an important decision situation. 

Sarah  //  Head of HR Development & Recruiting Intersnack

Führungskräfte Coaching

Antoni is the most efficient and accurate Coach that I have ever experienced: He has helped me identify the core topic of my concern within a short amount of time and has thus put a mirror in front of me. A great way for me to work on myself.

Oliver  // Management Consultant and owner of Ferendi 


Teamentwicklung mit 3A


+49 163 8711750

Antoni Aguado


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