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Team Development in organisations with 3A Trainings & Team Workshops

Teamentwicklung mit 3A

My Trainings & Team Workshops are mainly focussed on organisations and business clients. My speciality is designing and hosting team workshops. Whether it's about working out Vision & Values, delegating decisions, solving conflicts in teams, generating ideas or a different topic around team development. The difference between good team Workshops and a great ones is the special Mindset towards the team.

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The 3A Workshop Approach

Team Workshops take place all the time – the question is how impactful are they?

3A Team Workshops are an ideal method for team development and working out solutions in teams. While a Leadership Coaching is all about empowering you personally, my workshops are all about the team and team development. Besides offering to design and run various types of unique Team Workshops based on your focus, I also offer three Signature Team Workshops.

Fishing for Problems in Team

This Team Workshop is all about bringing known and unknown problems within a team to the surface, categorizing and prioritizing them. In a final step, these problems will be put in the hand of suitable problem solvers. This team Workshop can be a hard one-time effort, which provides the team with huge benefits if done correctly. First of all the team Workshop delivers a large ouput in a short amount of time. Second, many problems are already solved during the process. This team Workhops tends to produce an overlap of personal development, team development and specific business improvments within the responsibility of the team.

Making Decisions in Teams

In this team Workshop we focus on finding the best possible decision within the team. For this team workshop I recommend a group size of 3-6 subject matter experts including the formal decision maker. Approaches such as "Boss decides everything" or "Everyone has got an equal vote" might be easy, comfortable and accepted, yet they are unlikly to be the best approach to get to the best answers. That's because the first approach assumes a person in a higher position is a better decision maker while the second approach assumes everyone can decide equally well. As both approaches frequently, I invite you to take a look at a potentially better approach.

Signature Strenghts in Teams

This team Workshop is all about team development through better ways of working together in the team.
My approach is based on three independent sources of feedback and fully annonymous for all participants. The first source is a self-assessment, the second source a scientific questionaire and the third source the assessment of the team. Through a consequent focus on existing strenghts, this Workshop is a sort of legal doping for every team.


Teamentwicklung mit 3A

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