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Shaping processes of change in companies

Real clients – Real added value.

As a small, agile fish I support the big fish in their change efforts.
Either as part of larger project teams or as an external coach for the team and inside the team. 

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Processes of change in companies.
Real change – real added value. 


This is where I've spend between two month and two years as a full-time & freelance

  Mgmt. Consultant
 Trainer  Coach

Coaching & Training for Account Manager in sales

Change process in sales on the ground

Headquarter: Bonn, Germany
 Dauer: > 12 month
Service: 1:1 Coaching & Training
Delivery: Across Germany

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Telekom Deutschland

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 248 million mobile customers, 26 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband lines.

Telekom provides fixed-network/broadband, mobile communications, Internet, and IPTV products and services for consumers, and information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for business and corporate customers.


How can we develop our teams on the ground to become trusted advisors for our clients?


Field support and Coaching for selected Account Manager in the corporate sales division with the goal of:

  • Helping to move "the big ship" from a classic telephone company into a service company of a completely new type: the software company that sells telecommunications services

  • Deepening the collaboration with existing business customers/key accounts by developing joint solutions to support the client's business strategy

 Approach & Application

This large transformation project had been set up in waves throughout the various regions in Germany. My focus was on 1:1 work with Account Managers for business clients. Key work packages were:

  • Delivering trainings about concepts, tools and Best Practices

  • 1:1 Coaching for the individual Account Managers and team leads

  • Putting the topics and concepts from Training and 1:1 Coaching into daily work 

  • Joining the Account Manager for client meetings on site

  • Providing feedback to Account Manger regarding the interactions and collaboration with clients and partners 

  • Jointly generating improvement ideas 

  • Applying the improvement ideas in upcoming client meetings 

  • Reflexing on approaches and strategies as a follow-up after each client meeting



  • Very positive feedback from participating Account Managers and team leads 

  • Specific improvement ideas on the level of team lead and Account Manager

  • Increased amount of client meetings with decision makers and CIOs

  • Positive effect on sales numbers

  • Reduced feeling of stress through on-the-spot 1:1 Coaching after stressful incidents

Voices from the project

Cornelius Müller
Team lead in Sales Telekom Deutschland

The opportunity of getting two external feedbacks for my way of running the team meetings was very valuable for me. It helped me to reflect on my own leadership style and it helped me to advance the team development. "

Consulting & support during an important supplier change

Moderating change processes within the group 

Headquarter: Bonn, Germany
Duration: > 3 Monate
Service: Consulting & Training
Delivery: Home-Office & Bonn

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Deutsche Post DHL

Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world's leading logistic company. The Group connects people and markets and is an enabler of global trade. It aspires to be the first choice for customers, employees and investors worldwide. To this end, Deutsche Post DHL Group is focusing on growth in its profitable core logistics businesses and accelerating the digital transformation in all business divisions. 


How can we speed up the delivery of a time-critical supplier change taking into account the involvement of various corporate stakeholders? 


Support project management and proactive stakeholder Coaching with the goal of:

  • Preparing the supplier switch for corporate credit cards in Germany and moving things forward

  • Constructively collaborating with key project members (Central HR department, corporate procurement, DPDHL divisions, IT implementation team) 

  • Creating and delivering trainings for the new processes related to the supplier change

Approach & Application

For a successful implementation it was key to moderate several stakeholder interests: 

  • Project management and project sponsors within the central HR department, corporate procurement and the individual divisions 

  • The HR team that was responsible for the global travel policy within the group 

  • The project team on the ground that was responsible for managing the supplier change and setting up new internal processes

  • The assistance teams for the top executives in Germany 

  • The responsible delegates from the various divisions

  • The project management for the implementation from the supplier side

  • The group works council



  • Speed up of key milestones thanks to a proactive and constructive way of working with all corporate stakeholders involved in the change process

  • Set up of structures for continuous exchange of information within the core project team 

  • Provision of training and workshop material for the successful implementation and communication of the new solution to all mangers and executives involved 

Voices from the project

What clients say about working with Antoni

Nicole Rump 
Senior Expert Digitalization & Data Analytics Deutsche Post DHL

" You've done an outstanding job and created valuable communication channels. "

1:1 Coaching, Consulting & Trainings in procurement

Shaping change in procurement 

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
Duration: approx. 12 month
Service: Consulting, Training & Coaching
Delivery: Zurich & Home-Office

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Migros Industrie

With its five high-performance segments in Switzerland and nine production companies and trade platforms abroad, Migros Industrie is part of the Swiss Migros Group. It responsibly and sustainably produces more than 20,000 high-quality food and non-food products at the best value for money, making it one of the largest private label producers in the world.
Over 20,000 different products are manufactured at 201 production sites in Switzerland and nine worldwide. Around 14,000 employees, including over 500 apprentices in over 30 different trades, work for Migros Industrie. Together, the employees of Migros Industrie generated sales of CHF 5.78 billion in 2022.


How can we digitize and professionalize the way of working together within the team?


Actively support a change management project in procurement with the goal of:

  • implementing a group wide tool for managing projects 

  • ensuring the proper use of the new tool by the strategic buyers within the various companies 

  • putting potential cost savings from a separate project worth a two digit million CHF amount over a period of five years into the tool

Approach & Application

The idea was to establish regular 1:1s "tandem meetings" in order to:

  • help people with their questions and problems

  • ask for feedback from the use the new tool and feeding this information back into the core project team to improve the tool 

  • collect the need for support from the various businesses and finding ways to organize the support needed 



  • Successful start of moving away from local excel files into digital solutions with shared real time data 

  • An increased visibility on the status of each project in the various companies and the entire pipeline of ideas and initiatives 

  • A shared basis to discuss further improvement ideas and for ongoing improvement of existing ways of working and processes 

  • An expansion of the tool from procurement into Category Management and other departments and teams including Onboarding and trainings

Voices from the project

3A-Coaching working with Steffen from Migros Industrie's eXcellence Team

Dr. Steffen Kusterer  
Senior Consultant eXellence Team 

" Antoni conducted 15 online trainings for our project for over 200 participants from different management levels and areas. The trainings were very professional and convincing from the initial preparation to the execution. "

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Questions about change processes in companies



What are change processes?

Change processes are phases in which a living creatures or an organization renews itself in one or more ways. 
Type of change and duration depend on the specific context. A small child changes visibly in short intervals while grown-ups can experience long phases without any recognizable change. On company level similar processes take place - a start-up changes in shorter cycles than a large corporation. It's no surprise then that big, established companies find it more difficult to change compared to smaller units.  

What are typical change processes in everyday business life?

There are many change projects taking place in companies every day. Therefore, it makes sense to categorize them in groups with a distinct focus on change:

1. Change from the perspective of the whole company

  • Renewing vision & values of the company 

  • Changing of service offerings 

  • Digitizing key business processes 

2. Change from the perspective of individual groups 

  • Changing company cars to e-vehicles for all eligable executives and employees

  • Downsizing or new hires in a certain segment

  • Changing travel policies for business travelers

3. Change from the perspective of the individual 

  • Promotions, relegations and role changes 

  • Change of company/department/ country (expat assignments) 

  • Change of Job description and/or requirements (e.g. as a result of new processes/ way of working/ tools & methods) 
What type of change processes do you work on with 3A?

During the last years I have been part of several small and big change projects in Germany and Switzerland. 
I enjoy those projects that involve change on all three levels: Company, Team and individual.
You can take a look into some of these project on this Case-Study page.
More information about myself can be found here

For more information on references or further questions don't hesitate to contact me direcly - via mail, contact form, LinkedIn or via phone.  

Why is change management relevant?

Change from the perspective of the company needs change management. Here is my view on the difference between change management and change approaches on the personal level that 3A is about:
Change management is all about planing and executing change, while change on the personal level is all about the human being with his or her individual adaption to the change. 
A company that approaches a change project with only change management runs the risk of overwhelming people or of people losing the identification with the company.  
A company that only focusses on coaching and the people side of things runs the risk of creating chaotic and unstructured processes. This often leads to a lack of goal realization. 
Therefore all change processes should include a change management and a coaching component.

Which type of change processes in companies turn out to be very challenging?

For me the most challenging part of change work is dealing with uncooperative leaders. My approach enables me to shape change on the level of company culture, leadership styles in management or change processes in sales or procurement. 
However, there are people in organizations that deeply do not want to develop and organizations overall with a strong Status Quo pull. 

In my work, I notice and accept that this is part of reality and keep working with those who are eager to move forward.

How do large companies and coperations find you for their change projects?

I work with a handful of great partners and portals that are significantly larger than 3A and have strong networks. In return I'm willing to lose some of my profit. If you like to find out more about the companies I collaborate with take a look at the websites of Comatch, Dotama & co. or get in touch with me directly. 

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