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Individual Coachings for effective change

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Why individual Coachings are the best approach for change 

Most of us know: Change starts in our heads. 
But who knows what's happening inside our head?
Only we ourselves. That's why a 1:1 Coaching is often times the best way to successfully shape change. 

Experience for yourself how effective it can be to:

  • Prioritize your plans,
  • thoroughly check them from head to heart,
  • underpin them with specific action steps,
  • and carry them out consistently.
Individual 3A-Coaching with female coachee

2. The Approach in an individual Coaching 

The second step is all about finding the right approach to reach the goal that is connected to the Ask from step 1. The goal is usually a milestone and not a final result. Change should be established as a continuous process and not a sequence of one-time projects.
In a 1:1 Coaching I emphasize that finding solutions needs to be practical. This might imply to work them out "on the job".


What's the effect of an individual Coaching with 3A?


Feedback loops in increase

Willingness to change emerges

Skills can be deployed more easily


Improvement becomes visible


Or for those of you who prefer a formula:

Effective Improvment = Feedback + Willingness to Change + Skills

Would you like to find out more how Coaching can help you grow personally?
Then my regular live webinar might just be the perfect opportunity for you.

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Individual Coachings in companies. Effective and flexible.

1:1 Coaching can be used for different roles and jobs in companies and across industries. 
Learn more about results achieved with the 3A approach by scrolling over each cube or by clicking on it.

Individual Coachings for Sales Teams
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Audience: (Key) Account Manager, Sales Manager and Sales Experts

For improved performances in client interactions.

Individual Coachings for leaders
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Audience: Leaders

For more collaborative leadership in companies.

Individual Coachings for subject matter experts
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Audience: Subject matter experts

For more job satisfaction and improved self-management. 

Why individuals Coachings with 3A are worth the invest

Working 1:1 with an external coach enables you to take a new perspective on your on way of working including your strengths and weaknesses.
That is often a boost to reach your own goals and the goals for your team.


Here are the Top3 reasons based on direct client feedback: 


„It is motivating and inspiring to have a professional Coach by my side"

„It helps me achieve and exceed my goals

„It's a great way for me to work on my topics that I haven't been able to solve myself so far"

Here are the Top3 reasons based on feedback from decision makers


„Participants love the individual approach that 1:1 Coachings have to offer" 

„We are working on the change of our self-image and such 1:1 Coachings are the best approach for making change stick in an organization

„For us it is important to be recognized as an attractive employer and by offering individual Coachings to our employees we take a step to become a modern company

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Questions about 1:1 Coachings with 3A



For companies

For private clients

Which credentials for 1:1 Coaching in companies does 3A have?

Since I started 3A Coaching I have conducted several 1:1 coachings in companies. A large project with a strong individual coaching element has been the Next Generation Sales project at Dt. Telekom - find out more about it in the Case-Studies section. 

Who in companies benefits from individual coachings?

(Almost) everybody from leaders to subject matter experts benefits from 1:1 Coachings. 
Individual coaching is the method per se in order to optimally design personal experiences and professional business demands. Doing so evidently increases Job satisfaction as well as achieved results.

Important note: A coaching process can provide several proven advantages regarding change and progress on the personal level. However, a coaching process cannot improve or professionally organize processes, ways of working or workload in the business organization itself. That is and remains part of the core management task that should not be unloaded onto a coaching assignment.
Depending on the core problem a professional team coaching or management consulting can help.

How can companies book coachings for their people?

Corporate clients have the option to buy an individual coaching retainer that allows a defined group of people to call off coaching sessions on demand. This approach allows for maximum flexibility for companies and participants of the coaching program.

What is the 3A Coaching offer for companies?

3A offers individual coachings, team coachings and an in-house coaching program. 

All information on the 1:1 Coaching offers can be found on this sub-page. 
If other 3A-service offerings appeal to you then check out the offer on team coachings as well as the training program 
EFFECTIVE COACHING for organizations. 

What is the content of the 1:1 Coachings?

In most cases it's the Coachee who provides the content for the Coaching. The Coach commits to 100% confidentiality regarding topics covered in the Coaching. 
As a corporate client it can make sense to describe the Coaching intent more clearly, e.g. Coaching in sales or 1:1 Coaching as part of leadership development.

If you like to check out a couple of client voices visit the "Client voices from coaching projects for businesses" section on the main page

Which school of coaching is applied for the coachings?

My coachings are based on effective methods that are all grounded on solid knowledge and the 3A approach based on Ask - Approach - Apply. In addition I benefit from my time as a full-time management consultant for large and midsize companies.
So it's not about any mumbo jumbo but about proven cause-effect relationships and goal-oriented progress.
To accomplish this I mostly use tools and methods from: 

Systemic Coaching
Emotion Coaching with the compass of needs®
Field work/ On the job coaching
Inner Game

You can find more infos about me as a person and coach on the About 3A page

What is the difference between 1:1 coaching and a workshop?

A 1:1 coaching takes place between Coach and Coachee (two people), while a Workshop takes place between Coach/Trainer and a group of people or a team. 
Whether an individual Coaching or a Workshop are the better option depends on the initial Ask. 

As a rule of thumb:
If an individual is struggling within a well-functioning team then a 1:1 Coaching is the better starting point.
If a team is broadly having difficulty then a team coaching is the better starting point.

When does a 1:1 coaching make sense for me?

Generally speaking coaching is (almost) always a good thing. Especially when you have a lot of topics running through your head that you can't solve by yourself so far and where a sparring partner on your side might help. Typical situations that can lead to the start of a coaching process can be business related (new leadership role, promotion, role change etc.) or non-business related (challenging environment, crisis, emotional roadblock etc.).
And don't forget: A coaching only makes sense based on a strong relationship between you and your coach. Only then get both sides fully engage in the coaching process.

Can I also book individual coaching hours?

I typically offer an introduction call and one individually bookable coaching session to start so that you have a sound base to decide if you'd like to continue with a full coaching process.
For private clients a typical coaching process consists of four coaching sessions as the smallest option up to coaching support for years. For longer coaching support, we can flexibly set the intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly).

What's the price for a coaching with 3A?

For private clients I offer three coaching packages: 

  • Package light: Contains intro call and closing call + two coaching sessions for €450 plus VAT.

  • Package M: Contains intro call and closing call + four coaching sessions for €850 plus VAT.

  • Package L: Contains intro and closing call + seven coaching sessions for €1,400 plus VAT. 

    As an alternative to the Package optoons or to continue a coaching process following a coaching package, I offer flexible coaching hours on a needed basis for €150 plus VAT. 
    An average coaching process for private clients includes 12 sessions during a period of one year. 
    My shortest Coaching process finished after 20min in the intro call and my longest coaching process is going on for several years now.
Online coaching or face to face - what works better?

Depending on circumstances I might favor the face to face option or the online Coaching. In the end I usually follow your personal preferences.

I additionally offer a "Coaching in the mountains" option - a very special opportunity to work on your own topics supported by the power and fascination of mother nature. If you are interested in it, send me a message to antoni@3a-coaching.de

Can I cancel a 1:1 coaching anytime?

Yes, of course it is possible to cancel any time. A different scenario is that you would like to pause the coaching process for some time. 
Despite the fact that both options do not happen very often in practice, feel free to share your thoughts and we'll find a solution.

Coaching is about growth and solving problems together. To do so an element of joy is helpful. Any coaching obligation would run counter to this idea and is therefore not part of my offering. I would also never ask private clients for payment in advance to make sure you are at no point in time at risk of losing money. 

Which method do you use in 1:1 coachings?

As a basic structure I use the 3A approach: Ask - Approach - Apply. Regarding processes and tools I use elements from: 

  • Systemic Coaching
  • Emotion Coaching with the compass of needs®
  • Field work/ On the job coaching
  • Inner Game & inner drivers
How customized is a 1:1 coaching?

My 1:1 Coachings are very customized and not a "standard product". A person's combination of strengths and weaknesses differs from the next person so it's all about jointly discovering and solving your topics. 
Whether your topics originate in the workplace or at home, whether they are related to a skill or an interpersonal conflict, dysfunctional self-talk or anything else - what counts is how to deal with them and to find the best way forward. On top of the individual note of each coaching process I have a couple of default topics at my disposal to support the coaching.


What do I need to prepare ahead of the first session?

I'm a big fan of thirty minute pre-call to go through all important details ahead of the first session. This is all about getting to know each other and getting an idea of your relevant topics and expectations.
For more pre-information about me visit the About3A page.

How does a 1:1 coaching for private clients differ from business coaching 1:1s?

I use the same basic set up for individual coaching for private clients and for business coachings. 
Often times the initial Ask in private coachings is connected to a personal topic. However, it's also possible to discuss business topics with private clients, e.g. if an employer does not agree to pay for a coaching or if you don't like this option. 
If you are interested in leadership I highly recommend my regular live webinar.

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