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The EFFECTIVE COACHING training program takes 12-24 month and is all about how you can balance out your own leadership style between outside requirements  and internal needs, thereby improving the collaboration within your team. I have developed this training program in collaboration with a large provider of corporate trainings in order to transfer the positive effects from 1:1 Coachings and Teamcoachings onto the corporate level.

How to recognize that EFFECTIVE COACHING makes an impact?

The impact of EFFECTIVE COACHING in companies can be assessed based on the following three characteristics:


Leaders take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their team

Leader's on all levels view company culture and team culture as important elemtents to continuously work on. 

An essential part is to take responseibility for ones own decisions and actions. Mistakes are part of any work that involves taking risks and are an element of progress. 

Team lead and team interact collaboratively and supportive

Leaders have found their place on the axis from authoritarian decision maker to approachable mediator and can adjust their role flexibly when needed. 

Collaboration and exchanging information are a leader's default settings. Leaders not only ask for cooperation and collaboration from the team, but act accordingly This includes promoting a feedback culture within the team that is based on fairness and honesty. 

Change is considered as a positive element that should be created incrementally whenever possible.

Leaders actively promote the idea that change means progress rather than danger. They let themselves be coached through large transformations and actively coach their teams. On a daily basis change mostly consists of incremental improvement and the set-up of feedback cycles of action, observation and reflection.


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The training program enables you to take a new perspective on your own way of working including your leadership strengths and weaknesses.
The 12 or 24 workshops provide knowledge and methods so that you and your team can lift your ways of collaborating to the next level.
A characteristic of the training is its constant development and integration of new insights from both science and practice into the curriculum. 


Here are the Top 3 reasons from participants:


„I want to develop myself further in my leadership position and personally and this training was a boost for me"

This training was interactive, practical and filled with exciting content

„I was sceptical regarding the idea of leader as a coach, but have changed my mind about it and became a fan of using my new Coaching toolbox in my leadership role"

Here are the Top 3 reasons from decision makers:


„We have been looking for new impulses for our Leadership development program and are thus far very pleased with what we found here"

„We had a very positive 1:1 Coaching experience for many of our people and then decided to add this training to our team development offer"

„We have covered part of this training in a team coaching. The positive feedback from participants speaks for itself"

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Summed up in two sentences, the EFFECTIVE COACHING training is about providing leaders and teams with strategies and tools so that they can effectively manage change and conflicts. To achieve this goal, we use state-of-the-art coaching approaches on the level of behavior (what are we doing?), cognition (what are we thinking?) and emotions (what are we feeling?).

Potential Asks from organizations are:

"We want to encourage a leadership style based on corporation instead of silo mentality"

"We want to change our thinking from maximum resource utilization to flow of work"

"We want to increase our tolerance for mistakes to become more innovative"

"We want to be recognized by our clients as a trusted advisor"




Which chances does the EFFECTIVE COACHING training provide?

The elaboration of ones own leadership style based on a coaching approach offers several advantages. Here are my top 3:

  • An improved ability to collaborate in order to achieve (better) results and excite customers
  • An increased level of job satisfaction with the team
  • A higher level of employer attractiveness
Which companies benefit from the training?

The EFFECTIVE COACHING training is worth it for those companies, departments or teams that want to undergo change or that have a need so better handle conflict and collaborate. This is relevant both for large enterprises as well as mid-size companies.  
Depending on the industry and organizational culture this training means that participants "plunge into frigid water".

The training is especially worth it if the current ways of working in the team, the leadership circle or between team lead and team members do not work well.
In such cases the before-and-after effect is most impressive. 

How does the process of the EFFECTIVE COACHING training look like?

The training has been designed in a way that it can be completed in 12 month (compact version) or in 24 month. It's made up of 12 or 24 workshop days that take place on site in the office or online.

Between the workshop days participants use the new tools and methods to achieve their goals and plans. This approach considers the fact that change work in organizations is not a one-time activity but an incremental process made up of many small steps and milestones. 

How much does the EFFECTIVE COACHING training cost?

I'm glad to send you a specific offer based on number of participants, type of execution and desired duration of the training (12 or 24 month)
Use the contact form to send me a simple and concise message about what's important for you message and we will find time for a meeting to discuss your project.

A training program is currently too much for us - is there a more compact solution?

If an invest of one or two years is currently too much for you, the alternative a full training program is a compact team coaching
Team coachings focus on existing or newly set up teams in organizations with an Ask that needs to be solved. 

How many participants can take part in the training?

A training run usually takes place with a minimum of five and up to 15 participants.
Your team has exactly 16 team members? Your leadership teams consists of exactly four people? In such cases we'll find a solution as well.
Are you looking for a coaching just for yourself or for people in your team or company?
Then a 1:1 coaching might be exactly what you are looking for. 

In which languages can the EFFECTIVE COACHING training be booked?

Currently the training is available in English and German.
You happen to speak a different language, are an experienced coach in the business area and interested to shape this training with me?
Then I will be happy to hear from you. 

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