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Teamcoachings for better collaboration

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Coach supports a team during conflict resolution

Do teams collaborate more effectively after a Teamcoaching?

Improved collaboration is the key to better results for many teams. A Teamcoaching can help when five factors are present:

  1. The team lead supports the Teamcoaching initiative. 

  2. Clear rules for communication & interaction during the Teamcoaching have been set. 

  3. Problems within the team have been made transparent during the Teamcoaching. 

  4. Team and team Coach are able to shift from problem-focus to solution-focus

  5. The Teamcoach supports the team in a respectful, neutral and moderating manner.
3A-Coaching combines 1:1 coachings and team coachings for maximum value-add

Teamcoachings and 1:1s are the perfect match 

Change takes place both on the individual level and the level of the team. Both levels effect each other mutually. An employee carries personal opinions and views into the team. At the same time the mood and views within the team influece the individual employee. 

It therefore makes perfect sense to combine teamcoachings and 1:1 coachings.

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Are team coachings worth the money?

A team coaching with an external coach enables you to take a new perspective on the team's way of working including its strengths and weaknesses.
That is often a boost to reach the goals for your team and to further develop the team.


Here are the Top3 reasons based on direct client feedback:


„We have grown together as a team"

„We simply needed an experienced and neutral Coach in order to be able to solve our problems inside the team" 

„This has been the first time we ever visualized our processes with the team"

Here are the Top 3 reason based on feedback from decision makers:


„This team used to be our "Problemteam", now they are our case study for positive change"

„For long we have been ignoring the problems within the team - after the Teamcoaching we were able to solve them" 

„Our 1:1 Coaching program benefited from regular Teamcoachings as it gave room for participants to share their challenges and accomplishments within the group"

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What you should know about a Teamcoaching with 3A



What's the typical duration of a team coaching?

Depending on the initial Ask I recommend 1-3 team coachings with a minimum duration of half a day and a maximum duration of three full days per team coaching.

Before setting up the exact plan, let's take the time to discuss what your desired outcome for the team coaching looks like. Then we work our ways backwards to determine how much time it takes to get there.

Can I also book a single team coaching with 3A?

Yes, requests for single team coachings are welcome. Just let me know your requirements and goals and I'll send you an offer for it.

If after one team coaching we realize that it would make a lot of sense to add another team coaching, we'll find a way to get this done.

What is the content of a team coaching?

The content of the team coaching is the result of the initial Ask. Often times team coachings deal with side effects of change management initiatives such as conflict management, reorganization or decision making. 
In other cases, a team coaching can be used to create team vision & values, new ways or working or reduced conflict within the team.

In some cases the team coaching serves as a kick-off for 1:1 coaching processes with the team. 

Can team coachings be used as part of extensive projects?

Absolutely. Team coachings should be an inherent part of professional change projects.

The reason for this is that teams need to work well also in times of change. Instability of team performance is one key concern for change managers. 
And from team perspective, it's all about being on top of the change. and not a "victim of change". Team coaching can help ensure that teams feel more comfortable and confident to master the requirements related to organizational change. I take the time needed to understand the situation in your team and propose an approach that fits. 
If you want to know more about me as a coach & consultant have a look at the About3A page. 

Are team coachings conducted only on site or also online?

Depending on the circumstances I prefer on site or online coachings. If there is a clear preference from the client I usually adapt to this preference. 
For certain conflict related Asks or if team member do not know each other that well yet, I clearly favor the on-site option. 
For all other cases online team coachings are a viable alternative.

What characterizes a professionell team coaching provider?

A professionell team coaching provider can be characterized by the following four elements: 


  • Prior to the team coaching provider and client conduct a detailed briefing about as-is situation and goals of the team
  • Before the team coaching takes place the client and provider have agreed whether the team coaching takes place with the team and team lead or without the team lead. 


  • The provider acts in a neutral and moderating role during the coaching process


  • The provider is able to free up time for a potential follow-up with the objective to help facilitate the effect of the team coaching into day-to-day work.

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