The three steps in 3A-Coaching: Ask - Approach - Apply

Leadership Coaching Live-Webinar

How a leadership coaching can help you achieve more for yourself and your team. 

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Success factors of a leadership coaching:

If you'd like to know more about how the proper combination of Action, Observation and Reflection can give your time an edge, sign up for the next free Live-Webinar. 

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The program of this leadership coaching Live-Webinar


The first step in 3A-Coaching: Ask

In the first part you will get to know why it is so important to begin and ask the right questions.

The third step in 3A-Coaching: Apply

In the third part I will show you ways how you can directly apply the approach presented in your specific area of work.

3A Coach & Founder Antoni

Your leadership coach

Hello, I am Antoni and are looking forward to meeting you in the Live-Webinar.

In more than 10 years as a management consultant, trainer and Coach for various large companies, leaders, teams and experts, I have gained a great amount of insights into different organizations. During my projects I encounter both highly successful leader and teams and those that are stuck in denial mode.

As it is simply more fun and brings more success to be working in "team progress" instead of "team denial" it is so important to know and be able to apply the levers of progress. 

This Live-Webinar is all about how you can use these levers effectively in your context.  
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Register for free (Sun 10/01/2023 from 11:15 - 12:15am CET)

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From Live-Webinar to leadership coaching.
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Leadership Coaching

When does the 3A Live-Webinar take place?

The live-webinar usually takes place once a month. You can find the next available day & time on the sing-up button. 

How many people meet up for the webinar?

The number of participants varies from time to time. You can turn your camera on or off as you prefer. 

Will the live-webinar be recorded?

I usually don't record the live-webinar. If any time I plan to record it, you will be informed in advance. 

How long does the live-webinar take?

The duration of the webinar is approx. 45min plus 5-15min for Q&A.

What's your principle for leadership coachings?

My coaching principle is that I only work with people who are eager to develop themself. There is usually no point in working with people who have been assigned to a coaching by the company in a top-down style against their will. What I can fully understand are people that are skeptical towards the coaching. Here I am willing to explain and persuade to help to get things rolling.

Why is a Coaching for leaders worth it?

A coaching for leaders is worth it as it enables the person to manage him/herself and his/her team more effectively. As a prerequisite the leader has to be willing to deal with his/her strengths, weaknesses and blind-spots. If that is the case then the coaching can be experienced as a purposeful and rewarding activity. 

How to measure success of a leadership coaching?

The best way to measure the success of a leadership coaching is to ask the participants. This can be done through short and simple valuations to more detailed structured questionnaires. 

Attempts to construct a coaching ROI (return on investment) often times do not work in practice. However, it's still possible to construct separate KPI when this is required. If that's the case it's important to agree on KPIs beforehand to avoid any conflicting expectations and to collect reasonable metrics.  


What is the price for a leadership coaching with 3A?

The price of a coachings depends on your requirements in terms of duration. For more information you can find pricing details for private clients in the FAQ section of this page
I generally recommend private clients who are in an employment relationship to clarify the financing of the coaching with their employer. There are many cases where coaching has become part of people development efforts.

Can leadership coachings be applies in all industries?

A leadership coaching is worth it regardless of industry background. As a rule of thumb: The more human-to-human interactions a leader has, the more relevant his/her "People Skills" become. Industry background might tell us something about typical leadership styles used in a particular industry. What matters most however, is how things should be in future as opposed to how it might be today. 

Which qualification do I need to take part in a leadership coaching?

What's key is the general willingness to work on yourself. 
Whether you are an executive or a team lead for a small team or just preparing for your first leadership role, you are welcome to get in touch.

When is a Leadership coaching important?

A Leadership coaching is important and beneficial whenever you want to develop yourself and your team. You might currently...

  • have more questions than answers
  • not feel satisfied with your own development
  • feel that you are not working properly with your team
  • feel that the atmosphere in your team isn't that good 
  • enter a new leadership
  • prepare yourself for a new leadership role 
  • work on developing your leadership skills
  • wonder why your current approach doesn't seem to be working in your team
  • just look for inspiration and new ideas
How can a leadership coaching improve my business?

Leaders significantly shape business success. 
If a leader is able to better/more easily maneuver his/her day-to-day work this should have a positive effect on team performance. 
This is why efforts into leadership development are a great investment in your business.

Which results have companies achieved with a leadership coaching?

If you like to check out specific results of past projects you can take a look at selected Case-Studys.
If you like to read about some client voices you can check them out here

How does the process of a leadership coaching look like?

If you'd like to know more about how a leadership coaching is organized from A-Z, you can find further information here.

Does a leadership coaching mean more work for me?

No, this is not about causing more work for you. It's rather about how to better organize your current work. 
If in your current leadership role you cannot free up the little time required for a coaching, it points to a situation where you can benefit from coaching even more.

Is there a guarantee for success after a leadership coaching?

No unfortunately there isn't, but where can you find an honest success guarantee?

At the end of the day it's all about increasing the probability for success.

For a leadership coaching as for any coaching, the key success factor is the coaching alliance between coach and leader. That includes factors such as trust and a safe space for exchange. Add to this a proper elaboration of core topics and the necessary skills of a coach to provide the most suitable approach and methodology and here we go - all set for you to reach your desired goals.

Can I change my goals during the coaching?

Of course you can change your goals or set new goals during your coaching process. 

Especially during long-term coaching process this is normal behavior because ideally you reach your goals step by step and then define follow-up goals as a result.

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