Finding your decision making styles - enabling personal development

I support you as an organisational leader with three professional modules to develop your unique decision making styles. So you can make more of those decisions that bring you closer to your personal goals. If you like to know more about how you can best benefit from a collaboration and which method fits you and your team best, let's get in contact.

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3 modules around decision making styles, leadership & team development

Decision making styles

Ob Team-Workshop oder Einzel-Coaching.
Ich freue mich auf den Austausch.

Coaching Module

Professional one-to-one Coachings.
Sparring partner in developing your unique decision making styles. On site and online.

In the triad of reflecting on decisions, making decisions and implementing them, the Coaching module is all about reflecting. This is great for you as you learn the most from your successes and failiures. In your daily work you might not find the neccessary time, the right partner or both to reflect on crucial moments. If you are ready to reflect on your decisions and your decision making styles, get to know more.

Training & Workshop Module

Know-How about Decision Making styles and the processes behind.
Improvement of team dynamics and processes.

You want to know more about the decision making styles in your team? Or you would like to make task related changes in your team, introducde new processes or new Vision & Values. These are great topics for a professional Team Workshop. Why? Because in a professional & neutral Workshop setting, your team can be best integrated in important decision making processes. I'm happy to discuss your requirements for a Team Workshop with you.

Consulting Module

New perspectives and expertise from outside.
Decision making styles as a key competence in a leadership position.

In Consulting projects I have encountered various decision making styles. A common one is about making decisions based on data and facts. I combine this analytical Mindset with a Coaching Mindset focussing on the human side of the equation. Adding the relevant subject matter expertise within the Team will enable us to reach the desired objectives. I'm looking forward to collaborating!

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About 3A

Team-Workshop or one-to-one Coaching.
I'm looking forward to discussing your requirements.

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I support you around decison making styles and all your personal development goals.


If you are interested in working together on eye-level, have a look at the Jobs page.


I regularly publish blog posts on the Art & Science of making decisions in various situations.
You find all posts in the 3A Blog.
Blog 3A

I regularly publish blog posts on the Art & Science of making decisions in various situations. You find all posts in the 3A Blog.



Antoni is the most efficient and accurate Coach that I have ever experienced. He has identified the core topic of my concern within a short amount of time and has put a mirror in front of me. A great way for me to work on personal development.

Management Consultant and expert for organisational processes


Antoni has been fully present from the first second on. Thanks to his fast understanding, his skillful use of methods and a solid structure he has helped me reach clarity in an important decision situation.

Head of HR Development


I regularly host two Live-Workshops as a Get-to-Know Event.

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If you work in a leadership position and would like to learn more about five applicable tools that help you increase your leadership skills, sign up for free to this Live-Workshop.

Duration: 30min content, 30min Q&A
Location: Online
Language: German (English Workshops to be available by 01/2021)

Are you interested in decision making styles and would like to know how my 3A Coaching approach can help you find yours? Then sign up for free for this Live-Workshop and get to know more about my offer for 1to1 Coachings - both online and face-to-face.

Duration: 30min content, 30min Q&A
Location: Online
Language: English or German

Current White Paper

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White Paper about how to use scale questions. For online & offline Meetings.
(German version)

If you like to find out more about a simple question technique that helps you improve the quality of your Meetings & Calls, then sign up for the 3A Newsletter. As a Thank-You you'll get access to this exclusive paper on how to apply the scale question properly + an easy to use meeting template.


Decision making styles as part of the personality

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Decision Making Styles


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