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Antoni Aguado Business Coach and Coach for Change

Coaching and people development
in companies

I work with leaders & teams in problem-solving and making progress.
With effective coaching processes that include a proper dose of Action and Reflection, Observation and Feedback. 

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Leading edge Business Coaching

On site, remotely and in the mountains.
Change in companies can be complex. I keep it simple, reduce complexity to its core and sensitivities to core concerns.

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Individual Coaching

Change happens in a one-to-one Coaching. There is no other format that can create such a confidential atmosphere to discuss and solve the relevant topics. 

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A Teamcoaching usually takes place as a Workshop that focusses on the Team within a (major) change. At the heart is an improvement in collaboration within the team as well as between team and team lead.

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Trainings & Consulting

3A Trainings impart knowledge and skills in an interactive way. In consulting projects I use those skills. When it comes to educating leaders and teams in a collaborative way of working, take a look at the 3A EFFECTIVE COACHING training program.

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Icon a person rates the collaboration with 3A-Coaching

Client voices from coaching projects for businesses

What clients say about working with Antoni

"You've done an excellent job and created valuable structures and communication channels"

Nicole Rump
Senior Expert Digitalization & Data Analytics

3A-Coaching working with Francesco

"Working with Antoni was fantastic – he always took responsibility for his decisions and helped me to be able to focus on my work packages." 

Francesco Camerino
Sourcing Manager

What clients from HR departments say about 3A-Coaching

"Antoni has been very collaborative and proactive during the intense project we worked on together. It’s been a pleasure!" 

Yue Peng
HR Expert

Voices from „Next Generation Sales“ Coaching at Telekom

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Voices from “MIND Changeat Migros Industrie

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What Oliver says about working with 3A-Coaching

" Antoni has been the most efficient and accurate coach I have ever experienced: Within a very short time he identified my main concern and held up a mirror for me - a really great help to work on myself! "

Oliver Hildsberg  
Head of Business and Development at Elisabeth-Hospital Essen 

Sarah about the Coaching with 3A

" Antoni has been fully alert and with the client from the first to last second. Through his quick grasp, his skillful use of methods and his structure, he managed to help me achieve clarity in an important decision-making situation. "

Sarah Knutzen  
Head of HR Development and Recruiting bei Intersnack 

Asja about working with 3A-Coaching

" The coaching opens up a space for me to talk about professional topics and challenges that I would otherwise not want to talk about with anyone in the same way. I was particularly impressed by the profound depth of content that is achieved within a very short period of time when working with Antoni. A fantastic opportunity to look at the connections between personal issues and professional challenges and to develop myself further. "

Asja Wefelnberg  
Strategy- and Management consultant at c.con Management Consulting 


Marie on 1:1 Coaching with 3A-Coaching

" I especially liked how Antoni adapted his coaching techniques to my individual topics. He offered me many different tools and insights to work through my current challenges.
I was able to try out what works best for me personally. "

Marie Schlaak  
Engagement Manager at McKinsey

Claudi about working with Antoni

" What I admire about Antoni as a coach is that he combines his analytical strength with a high level of emotional intelligence, which has always made it very easy for me to be open. "

Claudia Dederichs  
Psychologist & Coach 

Dagmar Spee on Coaching with 3A

" Clarity, structure and variety of tools used have most impressed me in my coaching sessions with Antoni. I have found many new ways to develop myself further both in my business and outside of it! "

Dagmar Spee
Manager at Zahnkultur MVZ GmbH




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Icon two people solve problems with coaching

What are the current challenges for you, your team and business?

Let's talk about it and exchange ideas.

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How can businesses facing change benefit from Coaching?

Icon two arrows point in different directions as a symbol for strategic decisions in companies

Most people know: Change starts in our head. But who knows what's happening in our head? Only we ourselves. That's why 1 to 1 Coachings are often times the best way forward in order to successfuly shape change.
With the 3A Approach even complex issues, projects and goals can be broken down into three simple steps.


Icon person asks a key question

1. Ask

Which questions should we as a team ask ourselves to successfully shape change?

Icon person develops an approach for a problem

2. Approach

Which approaches lead us to our goals?

Icon person gets into action with 3A-Coaching

3. Action

What do we need to apply the approaches and create feedback loops?


If you would like to know more about how Ask, Approach and Action are used in a 1 to 1 Coaching process, here you find more information.

Icon a person waves a flag to reach goals

How can businesses shape change successfully? 

Companies shape change successfully, if they can...



communicate vision & goals

 approach change positively 

 provide space for action

The better a company is able to position and communicate its change vision & goals, the more likely the success of the change initiative. This includes announcing decisions transparently and providing space for action to leaders and teams so that they can actively shape the change.

Companies are well advised to get experts for change on board for these projects.

Icon with question mark for questions and answers about 3A-Coaching

Consulting & Coaching for businesses facing change.
Space for questions.





What is the definition of change in businesses?

Change in a business describes a change in action (new ways of working, new ways of handling tasks and processes etc.) with effects on the way of thinking and feeling for people inside the company.  

Change can happen reactively or it can be shaped proactively. Often times change projects are set up to adopt new ways of working related to activities and processes within the company. The idea behind this is often to be better able to cater for client demands and preferences.
This often implies that the requirements for teams and individuals change - both in terms of competences and ways of working. As a rule of thumb: The greater the change related to the Status Quo the more challenging the change for the company.

Here you can find examples of change projects in companies in which I have been involved.  

How and where can coaching help in transformations?

Coaching can help businesses in transformation on the level of the team and on the level of individual team members. It's a way to shape change rather than to react to it.

Often times employees reject the change or part of the change. That's why a clear strategy for change is so essential. Coaching is often used as a key element in change as no other method is as close to the fears, rejections, worries but also the wishes, goals and opportunities of those effected by the change. Transformations in companies are always a cognitive and emotional processing - Coaching helps to positively shape this process.

What are reasons for companies to change?

Companies change to stay relevant.

If a company would decide to not change at all it would drop out of the market within month (in high paced industries) or decades (slow paced industries). The main reason for companies to change is thus their own survival in the market.

Specific drivers for companies to change can be new technologies (e.g. a switch to electronic signatures). Other drivers can be changing customer preferences (e.g. an increased focus on more environmentally friendly production processes or a preference for regional products with short supply chains). Another driver can be related to changing values for new leadership personelle that leads to a change in the way new talents apply for jobs. 

Why should companies regularly reinvent themselves?

Without any change in companies there won't be any progress.

Companies that try to stick to the Status Quo for too long end up running into a relevance problem. 
That doesn't mean everything needs to change. Instead, it's all about finding a balance between  preserving and changing that fits to the business, company culture and client preferences. 
To regularly change without losing ones core is a proven change strategy.

What type of support does 3A offer a business facing change?

With 3A I focus on the human aspects of change in companies.

Using 1:1 Coachings, team coaching and consulting services plus a dedicated training program I support companies to successfully realize their change projects.   
You can find out more about myself on the About3A page.

What experience does 3A have when it comes to change in companies?

I have experience with change projects in companies working with individuals and teams. 

Through my work for various highly recognized clients I have experienced many times of change. In addition, I have several years of experience as a management consultant in the DACH region and UK. In addition I shape my own progress and continously educate myself to meet my client's demands. 
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Which reference projects does 3A have?

I support and shape change in companies with my coaching approach. 

Depending on the project scope I work with renowned partner companies or as a One-Man show. 
My project assignments typically last between 3 and 24 month and are a mix of on-site work and working remotely.
Those who are interested in more details on some of my projects are welcome to check out my Case-Studies


In which type of change is 3A specialized in?

With 3A I especially care about change for people and teams.

I enjoy working with leadership teams as well as with subject matter experts. My projects are typically related to management, sales or procurement or there is a more general topic such as changes in company culture, image change or digitization. Often times it can also be a combination of several aspects, e.g. an image change in sales or a change related to a new IT solution or a digital process in a department. My role is always as a Coach or consultant and not as a technical expert.
For more information about Antoni, have a look at the About3A page.

What's better: Radical change or incremental change in small steps?

For me incremental change is the best way forward for companies.

I think that incremental change is the best type of change for companies as many small steps can lead to big improvements. A radical change might be able to achieve the same in just one step, but this type of change implies much more risk and can easily overwhelm people. Furthermore, incremental change send the message that change is not a "one time thing", but a continuous and natural process. 

What are the success factors for change in companies?

The 3A success factors for change in companies are:

  1. Vision & goals of the change are communicated emotionally and rationally.

  2. Leadership teams show a positive attitude towards the change.

  3. Teams and individuals receive enough freedom to actively participate in shaping change. 
Does change work similarly for companies in different industries?

The basic principles of change apply to all industries, but speed of change varies.

Nevertheless there are industry specific differences that need to be considered. It's important to take a company's current Status Quo into account. The more an industry is changing, the more a given company in that industry needs to transform itself. On top of that it's important to take regional differences into account. 

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