The benefits

Coaching, training & team workshops and consulting all bring their specific advantages and disadvantages. The crucial thing is therefore to use the most suitable method correctly in the individual project phases.

Individual Coaching

With 3A coaching you invest in your personal development and time for reflection.

Trainings & Workshops

With a 3A workshop you invest in the professional development of your team.


With 3A consulting, you invest in professional support for change projects.

Individual Coaching

Personal Development

Executive coaching with me always focuses on your personal development. You decide where we start and which of your goals are the main focus. The coaching process then often leads us to where the biggest weaknesses lie. A fundamental openness and willingness to change are therefore essential.

Exchange on an equal footing

The coaching process thrives on an exchange at eye level. On which level itself does not matter. This means that your position as a leader and your industry are not decisive.

100% Confidentiality

My executive coaching is 100% confidential. Regardless of who finances the coaching process.

Team results

Trainings & workshops are the best method for transferring knowledge to teams or from teams into results, digitally and together on site.

Perfectly coordinated

We coordinate the project together from the desired effect. Is it primarily about providing knowledge on a specific topic as input or creating new output with existing knowledge from the team?

A matter of attitude

As soon as the goals are clear and the preparations are complete, it's time for implementation. The most important success factor here: The attitude of the trainer and workshop leader.

Expand skills

I have focused on selectively expanding consulting projects with a competence that is often neglected in consulting teams. The close and personal cooperation with your employees with full understanding of the content of the consulting assignment.

Create rooms

Because optimization and recommendations of all kinds never take place in a vacuum. I work to create spaces in which the crucial problems are addressed and solutions can emerge.

Generate added value

For my clients, this results in tangible, measurable added value.

Questions and Answers


A professional coaching, training, team workshop or consulting service can usually be delivered both online and as an on-site module. Clients often choose a mix model of on-site and remote presence. I always take into account your individual preferences and the project requirements.

For the one-on-one coaching sessions, I offer a free initial coaching session so that you can then decide for yourself whether you want to engage in a coaching process. There are also regular live webinars from me, e.g. on the topic of "How you as leaders can get to the right question in three steps". In these live webinars you also have the opportunity to get to know my offers in more detail.

For the implementation of online modules (e.g. a team development workshop) I usually use Zoom. If desired, I am also happy to use another video conferencing provider.
For face-to-face sessions, there is a choice between two options for delivery in the office on site or at an external location.

The three A's stand for Authentic, Analytical and Applicable. Of course I am happy about your feedback in how far you could perceive the three aspects in my performance. It doesn't matter if it's a one-on-one coaching, a team workshop or a larger consulting or organizational development project.

Currently I conduct all my coaching, training/workshops and consulting projects in German and English. As soon as other languages are added, I will communicate this via this website.

Within the legal regulations I always offer my customers to choose the payment terms according to their own preference. The standard is otherwise 14 days net after receipt of invoice.

I act situationally in the individual coaching sessions and make use of tools from various schools and schools of thought, including the systemic approach as taught at the Ineko Institute Cologne. However, my only indicator always remains the satisfaction and results of my coaching clients.

For a professional coaching you can bring in almost any concern. Whether reflecting on or planning decisions, professional goals or personal concerns from your private life. All coaching sessions are 100% confidential and focused on achieving your goals. I accompany team development as a process through workshops.

I offer two packages in the area of individual coaching:

1. a corporate package for companies with several employees.
This usually starts at around 10,000€ net and can be adjusted depending on the scope and number of employees involved.

2. a package for clients who finance the coaching themselves. This usually starts at €1,000 and is designed for maximum flexibility.

In addition, both packages are subject to the current 19% sales tax.

Probably the most honest and best answer I can give you is to try it out with your team and then ask the team.

Replace the question "What makes 3A consulting different from other consulting firms?" with "What makes 3A consulting different?"

I combine my consulting know-how with my coaching mindset on the consulting projects I support. In concrete terms, this means reducing slides to the essentials and spending most of the time on direct communication and addressing problems and pointing out possible solutions.

There are numerous topics that lend themselves to a team workshop, including:
· Visions & Values
· Roles and "Ways of Working
· Resolving conflicts in the team
· Major issues in projects
· Decision making in the team
· And further contents

I combine my consulting experience with my natural coaching mindset on the consulting projects I accompany. This means reducing PowerPoint slides to a minimum and spending more time on direct communication with all stakeholders and addressing and exploring problems.

With every workshop offer you will receive an individual quote. To do this, we first discuss your needs and the scope of the workshop. With every consulting offer I offer my services on a daily rate basis.

In most cases, I integrate myself directly into the client's project teams. If, in addition to methodological expertise, operational know-how is increasingly required in implementation, I draw on a network of competent specialists. For example, in projects in the food sector, I work closely with the professionals from Food-Source Consulting as soon as it comes to implementing applicable solutions in purchasing and logistics. You can find out more about the two founders, Miriam Fiquet and Sebastian Lesaar, at their website.

The content of each workshop is individually adapted to the target group. How well does the team know each other? How well do they already work together? What dynamics need to be considered? All of these questions are included in the workshop agenda. Preparation is the key here. The workshop is then usually held face-to-face, both in meeting rooms in the office and externally in locations far away from one's own desk.

Of course, I already thoroughly prepare the entire agenda and all interactions. Only in the implementation of the design I rely now and then on external support. For example, I have had good experience with the flipchart quality of Kira Volkmann. You can find more about her flipchart skills on their website.